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The History of Our School

During the reign of British empire the school was started in 1907 by a British governor Domingo. By then the school gave education only to a few children of the elite .through medium of English. Gradually children from masses were privileged to obtain education.

During the period of 1930 1949 the Principal was Mr. D.M. Samarakoon and the school provided education for both male and female separately in two sections.

During the long period of 1949 1960 our school was converted to a mixed school by the principal Mr. M. G. Makuloluwa. As a result , in addition to education , co-curricular activities were implemented. Thus the school won several awards at the circuit meets in 1965.

The immense efforts taken by the principal Mr.D.G.A.Perera during the years 1965 1970 , the school gained a great success by converting the school into a Junior Secondary School with human and physical resources.

The Golden period of Doragamuwa Vidyalaya was in the year 1980. i.e. the school became a Maha Vidyalaya.

In the same year the school took another step that it opened classes for G.C.E. A/L , by opening the path for the university entrance for the rural students. As a result of this, in 1986 , a girl got the chance to enter the university for the first time.

During that period , the school showed a remarkable improvement in academic field as well as in the students . The students won all island achievements in the Sinhala Day competitions and athletic events.

By 1996 another golden period dawned to our school .It was that the school got selected for the District School Development project (D.S.D.) to develop the school for the benefit of the students It is dutiful to remember our dear Principal Mr. G.M.Jayarathne in contributing this development . He has the honor of serving the school for longest period of time to our school.

Selecting as a D.S.D. school, we got a two storied building including a complete Home science room and a Library.

The year 2001 was another memorable year as our school had another turning point. It is that the school converted to a NAVODYA SCHOOL .

Hence , we got many facilities which are confined to superior schools in the town such as a computer laboratory with internet facilities. The school started a commerce stream for A/L students during this period. These improvements help the needy children in boundless ways for their future.

By now , our school is a completed school with both physical and human resources as a result of the dedication , commitment and guidance of our present principal Mr. W.G. Karunathilake.

We are sure that our school has a brighter future. Her long way of journey of success through many hardships already proved it. Still she has a long way to go. She is steady for it, there is commited, well trained staff from primary section to A/L section guided by the dear principal.

May our dear school achieve great success in the future and have a long steady journey!


Last updated 09.12.2008